Sport buildings

Sport places and sport buildings can highly benefit from our construction system. The supporting construction should not interfere into the playing area. Parameters of a playing area vary depending on the sport type (gym, tennis buildings, badminton buildings, ...) which is the sport place for. But in general, there is need to roof a space with the 20 m width at least everywhere. Our self-supporting construiction system enables to build an overlap up to 42 m width without any internal supporting construction. The whole assembly system complies with the requirement of economical efficiency.

By now, our construction system has been installed as following kinds of sport buildings:

  • multifunctional gyms (school and city sport places)
  • hockey halls
  • tennis halls
  • badminton halls
  • swimming halls
  • riding halls

The construction system can be combined with other conventional construction systems. Internal disposition of the sport buildings is made by common buildings systems and processes. It is also possible to build original and interesting architectonic works that cannot be overlooked.

User comparision

See a comparison of characteristics of our design screw-type system and the system of folded plates.

User comparision

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